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Welcome to the Circus

Welcome to the Circus centers around a SCAD museum exposition of our choosing. For this project, I decided to choose the painting "Dark Before the Bright Exit" by Marcel Dzama. This painting showed a circus of lions, dancers, and pigs among others, all on top of a stage. This one in particular caught my attention for the use of bright yet muted colors, and its use of different patterns.

I decided to keep it true to the painting and choose to focus the 6 piece collection on circus wear with a dark and whimsical twist. Most of my ideas came from Lady Gaga's crazy aesthetic as I remembered she played a role in 'American Horror Story: Hotel' which coincidentally also has a Circus themed Season. These two aesthetics of Horror Circus Show and Lady Gaga merged to give you a crazy spooky circus collection only the insane could wear. 

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