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SoleMio is an accessories collection of 10 pieces. This project was more thorough in the sense that we had to make a colorway for the store as well as advertisements, an Instagram page, how the store was going to look, brand identity, logo, packaging, etc. 

This accessory collection focuses on "Antonio", the brand owner, and his travels around the globe. He focused this collection as a capsule in collaboration with the Miami Design District and Art Basel. This collaboration would be sold at a pop-up store in Miami, Florida while the Art Basel show takes place. Art Basel is an event that takes place yearly in Miami Beach, this event hosts artists from all over the world and gives them a space to showcase their work. 

This collection intertwines the art found in Art Basel with the idea of wearable sculptures. The designs stay very true to the Miami "beach" aesthetic, while still holding sculptural elements. 

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