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Fashion LookBook

For this group project, I was tasked with pre-production, styling, some creative direction and photography, and the construction of costumes. Two of the three outfits were sourced from clothing stores, while the main blue spandex alien suit was made by me. The basis of this project was to create a lookbook that touched upon an issue going on in today's time.

My group and I decided to come up with the idea of an alien from the future planet of Exo-917, crash landing in 1960s America to explain to its citizens that in the year 2030 there will be no more Earth due to Global Warming and Climate Change. After crash landing, she hitchhikes to the nearest town to begin her protest and raise awareness, at first no one pays attention, but she doesn't give up, after trying and trying to get people to notice, she gives up and leaves, not without first laser beaming Earth with her eyes to hopefully entrance the world into noticing the damage they're causing.

This project was done in collaboration with Caroline Shank and Tahirah Hughes.

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